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05.09.2017 PROCAL: A set of 40 synthetic peptide standards for proteomics

Here, we describe PROCAL (ProteomeTools Calibration Standard), a set of 40 synthetic peptides standards for retention time indexing, column performance monitoring and collision energy calibration.[more]

02.08.2017 Trimodal mixed mode chromatography enables efficient offline 2D peptide fractionation for proteome analysis

Here, we report an alternative first-dimension separation technique using a commercial trimodal phase incorporating polar embedded reversed phase, weak anion exchange and strong cation exchange material.[more]

10.04.2017 Three awards at Proteomic Forum 2017

We are pleased to announce that members of the chair have been awarded at the Annual meeting of the German Society for Proteome Research (DGMS) in Potsdam.[more]

16.02.2017 Lapatinib resistance in breast cancer cells is accompanied by phosphorylation-mediated reprogramming of glycolysis

We employed explorative mass spectrometry to profile proteome, kinome, and phosphoproteome changes in an established model of lapatinib resistance to systematically investigate initial inhibitor response and subsequent...[more]

11.02.2017 3 Chapters in Methods in Moleulcar Biology: Proteomics

The Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics contributed three chapters to a new edition of the Methods in Moleulcar Biology series: Proteomics - Methods and Protocols.[more]

30.01.2017 Building ProteomeTools based on a complete synthetic human proteome

We describe ProteomeTools, a project building molecular and digital tools from the human proteome to facilitate biomedical research.[more]

17.01.2017 Protein DENEDDYLASE1 counters automodification of neddylating enzymes in Arabidopsis

In eukaryotes, the conjugation of the ubiquitinlike protein NEDD8 onto protein targets is an important post-translational modification. Little is known about the role of other deneddylating enzymes the role of neddylation and...[more]

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