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The chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics at the Technische Universität München comprises an international research team with a focus on proteomics, chemical biology and biomarker discovery. Since its inception in September 2007, the group is lead by Prof. Bernhard Küster who is also a member of the Excellence Cluster CIPSM (Centre for Integrated Protein Science Munich), the German Consortium for Translational Research DKTK and the Bavarian Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Center BayBioMS.

Most of our research builds on the powerful combination of affinity chromatography and quantitative mass spectrometry along with sophisticated bioinformatics tools. We develop novel analytical methods for quantitative proteome research notably for high throughput applications, the analysis of post translational protein modifications and protein interactions. In our chemical biology efforts, we elucidate the selectivity of drug-target interactions on a proteome-wide scale, investigate the cellular mechanisms by which drugs exert their function and identify mechanisms of cancer therapy resistance. The biomarker discovery projects focus on cancer biology and include the identification of phosphoproteomic signaling biomarkers for drug and patient stratification, as well as indicators of drug effectiveness and treatment response. The infrastructure that facilitates our research comprises modern laboratory space including mammalian cell culture, organic chemistry, state of the art chromatographic and mass spectrometric equipment as well as a suite of relational databases and bioinformatics software.