Drug Sensitivity/Resistance

Project Members:

Patroklos Samaras, Martin Frejno, Tobias Schmidt, Mathias Wilhelm

Cooperation: SAP SE
Contact: Patroklos Samaras



Multivariate biomarkers require phenotypic information to which molecular profiling data such as proteome, transcriptome or PTM expression information can be correlated. As part of the ProteomicsDB project, the integration of transcript and whole genome sequencing data will support the discovery of multivariate biomarkers across multiple omics levels.

A prerequisite for this is an extended data model allowing the integration of other omics data sources with a strong focus on next generation sequencing data. This data model will include protein and DNA sequence versioning and resource identifier mapping. Specialized algorithms will support data combination to enable an integrative analysis of biomarker discovery experiments. Here, a strong link to the drug sensitivity/resistance project exists. In order to achieve this, we will investigate and establish tools, which enable the interconversion of (absolute) protein and RNA expression measurements.