Project Members:

Mathias Wilhelm, Tobias Schmidt, Patroklos Samaras, Martin Frejno, Siegfried Gessulat, Harald Kienegger, Heltmut Krcmar

Cooperation: SAP SE
Contact: Mathias Wilhelm

ProteomicsDB, hosted by and at the SAP University Competence Center Munich, is a joint effort of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and SAP SE. It is built upon SAP's in-memory database technology HANA and is dedicated to expedite the identification of the human proteome and its use across the scientific community. Mass-spectrometry-based proteomics generates large amounts of data, much of which is not accessible to the general scientific community. In-memory databases have been developed for big data analytics and utilize the main memory as the primary data storage. This reduces disk seek when querying data and, ultimately, results in faster data retrieval. Implementing common mass spectrometry algorithms within the database exploits the fast access to main memory and allows rapid meta-analysis of the data (Proteomics analytics project).

At the current stage, ProteomicsDB contains tens of thousands of LC-MS/MS runs from thousands of manually annotated experiments. Besides peptide and protein identification and quantification results, ProteomicsDB stores additional data from multiple sources such as reference spectra from the ProteomeTools ( and fragmentation prediction projects, cell viability data, other quantitative omics data and interaction data of proteins and drugs. An API enables rapid access to the database and allows the generation of customizable queries to access data not displayed on the web interface.